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Nina Nikolic, known online as Kid Kerrigan, is a voice actress and partnered Twitch streamer from Melbourne, Australia. You'll most likely catch her live on Twitch playing a variety of games from casual sims, action/adventure to MMORPGs.

Having paved her way through community management and marketing in the games industry (EA, Bandai Namco) since 2011, she began streaming on Twitch in 2014 and made content creation her primary focus as of 2018. Since 2019, she has also been lending her voice talent to games, audio dramas and apps. You can most prominently hear her as the voice of Wayward in the space comedy drama CICADA 3000 and Scientist in The Walking Fish 2: Final Frontier.

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You may have seen her face on the Blizzard launcher for Heroes of the Storm and Overwatch, front page of Twitch in Australia and New Zealand, or featuring in the StreamElements tutorial series. Her goofy sense of humour and inclusive spirit has nurtured an incredibly diverse and tight knit community.


Final Fantasy XIV Online
World of Warcraft
Casual Farming/Crafting

She also makes a pretty great Jon Snow.
Just saying.